"Offering Customized Heavenly Creations for your perfect event!"

Hi there! Welcome to our website. It is our mission to provide you with a creation of delightfully tasteful foods that will be the talk of conversations for years to come! It is our experience that you will continue to get compliments even after the event is over. Our chef, Chef Jason Reynolds, uses his artistic flair and his creativity to put together amazing combinations of flavors and foods! He believes that if it doesn't look good, it probably won't taste good. This belief leads to visually appealing foods being presented to you and your guests. For us, the highest form of compliment is clearing EMPTY PLATES!!!

Chef Jason Reynolds has been in the food industry since he graduated from Vincennes University's Culinary Arts Program in 1994. As a cook, he worked under some very talented chefs and learned valuable lessons. Currently, he is working on earning the Certified Executive Chef certification through the American Culinary Federation. Explore the rest of the site, and give us a call or e-mail us!

Wondering Why We Cater....

Those of you who know Chef Reynolds may already know that he teaches two Culinary classes at Ivy Tech  both in the Fall & Spring Semesters as well as work full time as the Chef at Ball State University's Tally full time. Knowing all of that, you may be asking yourself, "Why does he work so much?"

There are two answers:


Originally, we catered a wedding reception for a friend of ours in exchange for the friend providing DJ services at our wedding (Suppose to be a 1 time thing!). The wedding coordinator told us that she had never seen anything like it, and that we had to continue to cater. We loved catering so much that we decided to continue. For whatever reason, it gives us a natural high!

In the years to follow, we had two boys both who developed ASTHMA. Each of them are on 6-9 medications everyday. As a family we are faced with many challenges in trying to keep them healthy and on the least amount of medications possible. Unfortunately, we now cater primarily to provide for the boys. We are so very thankful that we continue to enjoy it and get that natural high!

Places That We Cater...

We cater at several places. This is not an exclusive list just a list of places that we have been before and would recommend! 


Camp Kikthawendund

East Side Church of God

Millcreek Civic Center


Cornerstone Center for the Arts